The Frogman Experience combines performance, theater, folk, and funk to blast you off to the colorful world of an anthropomorphic amphibian and his magical friends. With larger than life characters and psychedelic riffs, these brightly costumed creatures bring you on an adventure to rediscover our lost connection to nature. Join Moses the Frog, Nate the Otter, and Andrew the Wizard on a journey of good versus evil and personal transformation as they battle the villainous Bushman. Accompanying them are their trusty pals Fishman and the Elephant King with an avalanche of musical instruments, including accordions and electric sitars. What happens when the group encounters the Birdman? Can they trust the contentious Bear Knight? Will our heroes prevail over fear and negativity? It’s a show you need to see to believe! But the Frogman Experience isn’t just a show, it’s a fully immersive interactive musical experience where you get down on the dance floor and cheer on your favorite characters. Underneath the funkadelic pantomime and elaborate theatrical production, at its core the Frogman Experience is a group of conscientious friends with a passion for music. Their message is simple: love yourself and spread that love to as many people as you can. Do what inspires you, and don’t give into the Bushman!

Moses the Frog (Justin Mosley)

Andrew the Wizard (Andrew Marsh)

Nate the Otter (Nathaniel Brown)

Bushman (Elijah Davis)

Fishman (Max Somerville)

Elephant King (Kai Hoornbeck)

Birdman (Mario Guizar)

Bear Knight (Bergen Franklin)

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